This post from “Not Your Grandfather’s Disease” describes my similar feelings but I wouldn’t describe them as guilt.
I also undertake lengthy explanations when they aren’t necessary (just looking at me should say it all).
However, my genes are not on show, so I feel compelled to distance myself from those who don’t take care of themselves.
In the end, it’s just not fair. But then why should it be?

Not Your Grandfather's Heart Disease

judge-gavel-1461291738X4gOne thing I noticed, after we discovered my coronary artery disease, was my need to tell people how unlikely it is that I should have it. Whenever I mentioned my diagnosis I was compelled to point out that I am 34, take care of my heath, and have no family history of heart disease. I wanted people to know that I am an anomaly.

Wanting people to know that your medical condition makes you a statistical outlier does not make for polite social exchange. Someone I barely knew would ask me about a bruise on my legs. I would begin by telling her that I’m on blood thinners and five minutes later I’d gratuitously detailed my past exercise regime, my commitment to cruciferous vegetables, and the non-heart diseases that killed my grandparents. And as the listener slowly backed away, sorry she asked, I would think to myself, “where did that

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One thought on “Guilty

  1. People don’t want to understand. They don’t want to think if a healthy person living a healthy lifestyle lives with heart disease, why should I change my unhealthy patterns if my doctor tells me I’m healthy? They will convince themselves that bad health begins ONLY WHEN IT SYMPTOMATICALLY IS REVEALED. Unfortunately for many people, PAIN becomes a motivator to initiate change. Even pain, often, is not enough.
    We need to surround ourselves with positive people and positive influences. Those with different values and lifestyles that choose to judge us, have no room in our lives. Gently and patiently wish them well and move on from them. You will find greater joy and happiness if you do.

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