Thanks for discovering my blog.  I hope you find it informative / inspiring / reassuring and, at the very least, a little bit interesting.

I started “The Heart Source” blog because when I suddenly needed heart surgery in 2015, I felt pretty isolated and craved the reassurance of someone like me: young, fit, female and otherwise very healthy.

I vowed to make a difference to other younger people affected by heart disease as soon as I got the chance. This blog is about my personal experience and the information I find as I research the heart, a fascinating and vital organ.

Now, here’s a bit of background information about me.

My favourite ways to have fun



Dancing with abandon

Going to concerts and cultural events

Asking hundreds of questions and finding the answers

Spending time with people who matter

I do volunteer work, public speaking, appreciate visual art, and sit on committees

….and I’ve driven a real rally car.

I have a secret fetish for cars and own a fledgeling WordPress blog on the topic.

Some places I’ve visited

Reunion Island, Norfolk Island, New Zealand

Sarajevo, Mostar, Belgrade, Montenegro, Dubrovnik, Budapest

Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, Quebec

Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Iceland

New York City, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago

Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia


I’ve lived in England, Mauritius and Australia.

What I studied

Bachelor of Science Microbiology and Pharmacology

Graduate Diploma in Food Science and Technology

Certificate IV in Professional Writing & Editing (Completion due 2017)

Some things I’ve done in my working life

Tested and designed ice-creams

Developed and tested pharmaceuticals

Helped to develop and register the world’s first polymeric antimicrobial


My biggest achievement

Not dying prematurely.


Nowadays,  I am a freelance technical writer specialising in health science and quality management systems. It combines my interest in techy and healthy things with research and writing.