Your turn

Are you thinking:

  • I’d like to offer some ideas for this blog
  • Can I suggest a person who’d be ideal to interview
  • My own experience is similar; I could offer my perspective

Well, guess what?  You can and you’d be welcome!

Why wait? You can share your story too!

If you or your friend/partner/family was a heart patient or has cared for a heart patient, then your story will be interesting.

I bet you’ve told your story a hundred times already. And will again.

Become a guest blogger. Anonymous contributor. Person with suggestions.

You’ll help to vary the tone, the perspective, the experience. You’ll keep “The Heart Source” interesting and more about you.

If you are shy about writing, then tell me about your story, and I’ll write it up for you. No bother! Then you can tell your friends.

So, drop me a line. I’m looking forward to working with you!

And now what are you waiting for?  The form is right here.